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"The Maurice River has a federal designation of a "Wild & Scenic" location. The river provides flat, naturally flowing clean cedar water, characterized by bends, turns, and occasional downed trees. Enjoy South Jersey's natural environment and ecosystems with its beautiful variety of plant and animal life. You're likely to see bald eagles, osprey, turtles, and otters ".

“The Wild & Scenic” Maurice River Challenge Trips

May through October

2626 West Weymouth rd
Newfield, NJ 08344 adjacent to Willow Grove Lake

Advance reservations needed. All trips leave between 8 am and 12 pm, seven days a week.

For your safety, all guests are required to receive safety information about their trip, wear a properly fitting life vest, read and sign a liability waiver.

Absolutely NO alcohol, drugs, or foul language. You are ultimately responsible for your own behavior. Only high-quality equipment is used, but it is no substitute for good judgement. Please lock all valuables in your car and leave keys at the office. Al & Sam’s is not responsible for any items that may be lost or damaged.

What to bring:

Comfortable and adequate clothing you won’t mind getting wet. Water shoes, hat, sun protection, bug repellant, safety strap for eyeglasses, a light snack or lunch, non-alcoholic drink, floatable and watertight container for keys and cell phone, and towels. Most of these items are available for purchase from Al & Sam’s.


Maurice River Challenges

Some experience required:

Canoes /Double Kayak trips -

Level 1

Weymouth Rd. (at Willow Grove Lake) to Garden Rd.
(2 hour paddle)

$41 for two people, 3rd person $+13
Single Kayaks - $30


Level 2

Almond Rd.(West Side Park, Vineland)
(4 hour paddle)

$61 for two people, 3rd person $+13
Single Kayaks - $40

Printable map for Level 1 and 2.

For the most experienced only:

Canoes/Double Kayaks –

Level 3

Weymouth Rd. to Sherman Ave.
(7 hour paddle) $68

Single Kayaks - $43


Level 4

Union Lake
(8 hour paddle) $70

Single Kayaks - $45

Printable map for Level 3 and 4.

Must start by 8-9 am and require a cell phone to call for pick-up upon arrival at take out.

All prices include 7% N.J. Sales Tax, life vests, paddles, boat, and transport to and from river.

Some group rates may be available (Scouts, Outdoor Clubs, etc.) especially if you’re able to provide a tax exempt certificate.

Want to do your own shuttle? Take one of our boats for $35-40/day or discounted rates for multiple days to take to any location of your choice.  If you’re trying out a boat to purchase, your rental goes dollar for dollar towards your purchase!

Have your own boat but want the convenience of our shuttle? $20/boat from Weymouth Rd. to Garden Rd. or Almond Rd., $25 to Sherman Ave. or Union Lake.

We accept cash, check,
(7 % N.J. Sales Tax.)
Gift certificates are available.
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